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For Storage Tank Service and Tank Maintenance
DJC Enterprises is the Specialist

Industrial Storage Tank Services
Inspection, Maintenance and Hauling
in the Northern Colorado, TX, OK and beyond

Serving the industry across many states! We frequent the following states and the Northern Colorado area, but will travel to wherever you are!

  • Colorado
  • Northern Colorado
  • Oklahoma
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Utah


Our Storage Tank Services include:

  • Storage Tank Sales – new and reconditioned
  • Storage Tank Hauling
  • Storage Tank Maintenance
  • Storage Tank Painting
  • Storage Tank Sandblasting
  • Shop Blasting
  • Storage Tank Priming


Storage tanks serve numerous purposes and are useful in an array of industries. DJC Enterprises, Inc., offers high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing storage tanks. Businesses and individuals have the freedom to get the tank services and maintenance that will fit their needs by contacting one of DJC Enterprises’ knowledgeable staff members at (970) 656-3448.

Storage Tank Coating and Painting in CO, TX, OK and more

We provide storage tank sandblasting and coating solutions as well as facility painting options tailored to suit your particular needs.  We can furnish you with tanks that are field erected and designed to your specifications. Our products and services are in strict accordance with all applicable codes and specifications.

We work well with individual owners, small and large municipalities, fertilizer companies and dairies. We have the right equipment to unload and process your products in our shop blasting and priming operation at our yard. In addition to offering tank transportation and relocation services, at DJC Enterprises Inc. we also buy and sell new and reconditioned tanks.

Storage Tank Inspections in CO, TX, OK and beyond

Not sure if your storage tank is safe and abides by industry guidelines?  DJC also provides tank inspections. We’ll come and make sure your tank is up to code, safe and working properly.  Our inspectors have years of experience and will be able to get your storage tanks squared away.  If you use storage tanks, chances are that it’s important to you that you preserve the substance or material that you want to store. Your home or business may depend heavily on the product that you’re interested in storing, and weather conditions make it necessary to own a storage tank that lives up to safety standards. Call us today for a tank inspection!

Storage Tank Services may seem like an afterthought until you experience a problem. By using DJC Enterprises, Inc., you’ll have the peace of knowing that your tank is being produced, painted and maintained by a company in Northern Colorado with time-tested experience and skills.

Learn more about our tank sales, hauling, sandblasting, priming, painting and maintenance on our services page!

Located in Briggsdale, Colorado, we regularly perform work across numerous states including, but not limited to: Northern Colorado, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. 

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