An Overview of Your Options for Sustainable Tank Coating in Colorado

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Sustainability is an extremely important part of many industries these days, including the world of storage tank construction. Many companies are trying to do their part to operate in a more sustainable fashion, both to protect the environment and to cut down on their own spending.

One of the most effective ways storage tank companies are able to make their operations more sustainable is to use recyclable steel—in fact, steel is the most recycled material in the United States, which makes it more than feasible to create steel tanks entirely out of recycled materials. But this isn’t the only option—“green” coatings are also a great way to help you increase the sustainability of your storage tanks.

Here is some more information you should know about sustainable tank coating in Colorado.

What makes for a “green” tank coating?

The paints and coating products that are classified as being “green” are primarily made out of materials such as:

  • Vegetable oil: Vegetable oil has been used in coatings since the times when humans were living in caves. The more concerns have continued to spread about using fossil fuels in coatings, the more companies have started to revert to using vegetable oils in their coatings to make them more sustainable. Vegetable oil is a natural corrosion inhibitor and rust preventer, so this makes sense to use for storage tanks in particular.
  • Castor oil: The castor plant is easy to grow, as it resists droughts and produces all year long. It is commonly used in health, beauty and clothing products, but can also be used in various types of paints and coatings to make them more sustainable.
  • Clay: Clay paints tend to be thicker, and create a finish that almost resembles plaster. They are resistant to mold, are extremely durable and can cover up interior surfaces without needing to be primed (exterior surfaces require a bit more preparation and protection). They also help regulate temperature and humidity.
  • Milk: Milk paint is another commonly used sustainable coating application, made from casein (the milk protein) and lime. It was commonly used in colonial America as the interior paint of choice. It can be beneficial for other industrial applications, as well, because it ages gracefully and does not chip.

You may be wondering whether these types of products are capable of providing the same level of protection and durability as traditional paint products. In some cases, these more eco-friendly options can actually outperform more conventional coatings. The advancement of sustainable technologies has also been very kind to these products. While concerns about their performance might have been justified a couple of decades ago, a greater interest in sustainability has resulted in more research into the effectiveness of sustainable coatings and more widespread use, meaning those products are now much more reliable and high-quality than they were even a decade or so ago.

So, if you’re interested in getting a new storage tank, sustainable options for tank coating in Colorado are absolutely worth investigating, at the very least. Contact DJC Enterprises Inc. today to learn more!

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