Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

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Searching for a new type of flooring for your commercial building, shop or garage? If you’re not thinking about epoxy flooring in Colorado, you could be missing out on a perfect option for your needs. There are many benefits to epoxy flooring that make it an ideal choice, especially compared to the traditional alternatives.

Stand up to the test of time

There aren’t many more durable combinations than a concrete foundation coated with epoxy. Concrete alone is a sturdy material, but when a layer of epoxy is added to the top, the result is incredible. An epoxy-coated concrete floor not only stands up to the dirt and debris that’s common in industrial settings, but can also shrug off prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals.

Take it easy on yourself

You have so many demands on your time—do you really want to spend very much of your free time focused on cleaning your concrete floor? Epoxy flooring in Colorado turns your porous concrete floor into an impenetrable surface in your workspace. This helps you minimize the time you need to spend cleaning.

Transform your floors

Who says that the floor of your garage or warehouse has to be drab and boring? Epoxy coatings come in a vast array of colors that allow you to turn your flooring into an extension of your business you can be proud of. A light-colored flooring, for example, can transform a warehouse from a gloomy cave into a lively, productive work area.

Improve safety

Any seasoned industrial professional can tell you that on-the-job safety is something you simply can’t get enough of. When you opt for an epoxy coating on your floors, that’s precisely what you’re getting. For example, falling is one of the most common workplace accidents. Falls lead to millions in insurance claims every year. Epoxy flooring is naturally resistant to slips and falls, which improves the safety of your employees.

Embrace the environment

These days, there is no more excellent feather in your cap than a bona fide dedication to helping the environment. An epoxy floor reduces the long-term amount of materials required to keep your warehouse floor in operating condition. An epoxy floor coating can save you the negative impact on the environment that goes hand in hand with completely rebuilding your floor.

Your epoxy solution

Whether you’re adding a layer of protection to your new concrete floor or you’re hoping to prolong the life of your existing concrete floor, epoxy flooring in Colorado is an excellent option—and, when it comes to epoxy coatings, it doesn’t come any better than DJC Enterprises Inc.

Since we opened for business in 1984, DJC Enterprises Inc. has worked diligently to ensure that every one of our valued clients has their needs met. In addition to our epoxy flooring options, we also offer industrial storage tank coatings, shot blasting and priming, tank sandblasting, tank painting and so much more.

When you come to DJC Enterprises Inc., you’re getting service and expertise that’s a cut above the rest. Give us a call or visit us online today.

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