Benefits of Industrial Tank Anchor and Tank Coating in Colorado

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You’ve probably seen giant white-color or metal tanks off in a field when driving down the freeway or through an industrial area. Although you may not be up close, you can tell that these tanks are huge by the length of stairs leading to the top and the work trucks parked nearby for size comparison. Whether you know it or not, these types of tanks have an important job.

What are storage tanks?

Storage tanks are for more than industrial use to power factories and large production equipment—which are likely to use oil and compressed gases. In fact, private residences and commercial businesses, like farms, regularly use large storage tanks to hold water and other liquid materials. Storage tanks are available in a variety of shapes, including horizontal and vertical cylindrical or with rounded corners, and a bottom that is either flat, cone or dome shaped or sloped. Quality tanks are highly sought after, as they last a long time with few issues.

What are tank anchors?

Tank anchors are devices put in place to prevent storage tanks from floating away or generally falling over. Anchoring methods typically begin with a reinforced concrete pad, and then the tank is attached to a concrete weight. Then, straps are either connected to the pad and looped over the tank or fastened onto long and heavy concrete beams at the sides of the tank.

Here are some benefits of industrial tank anchor and tank coating in Colorado:

  • External corrosion protection: Metal tanks are susceptible to corrosion due to outdoor elements like wind, rain and temperature fluctuations. These weather elements can first cause minor cosmetic damage that can eventually break down a surface over time. A good coating on tanks and anchors can offer adequate protection.
  • Resistance to chemicals: Tanks holding harsh chemicals will require a certain internal coating and lining to ensure tank erosion does not occur. In the event that chemicals break through the tank, uncoated anchors can also be in trouble. Avoid serious damage with proper coating.
  • Temporary fix for cracks: Concrete tanks and concrete anchor beams are strong, but they are not immune to cracks. Depending on the size and contents of the tank and the size of the crack, you may be able to use coating as a temporary fix instead of having to replace the tank. But if the base or anchor is riddled with deep cracks, replacements are probably in order.
  • Avoid project delays: Hiring a professional is your best bet for making sure your storage tanks are coated in time for you to use. That is why they will take into account external temperatures and use either a cold or warm weather friendly coating. When a pro’s project is not delayed, yours won’t be, either.
  • Cost effective: All in all, with the proper type of coating, you will likely need to perform less maintenance or fork over the cash for high or frequent repair costs—and less damage means the need for repairs is reduced.

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