Choosing the Right Oil Storage Tank: Tips from Your Experts in Oil Tank Painting in Colorado

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What type of oil storage tank do you need? The answer lies in the quantity of oil you need to store, its use and its location. Various options exist for commercial and residential oil storage. The size and type of tank affect the tank’s cost and accessibility. It’s important to review your storage needs and select the best option to meet them. Use the following guide from your local experts in oil tank painting in Colorado to make the best choice.

Select Your Size

Do you need to store thousands of gallons of crude oil or a few hundred gallons of residential oil? Oil storage tanks are available in various sizes to meet the needs of major oil fields as well as private residences. Determine how much oil you will need to store at any given time to order the exact size tank you require for your situation.

Keep in mind that over-sizing is better than under-sizing. If you overestimate your needs, it’s okay to have a little breathing room to store more later. If you underestimate your needs, you will be unable to store all of your oil. Bigger is usually better, as long as you have the space for the tanks.

Match Your Material

The construction of an oil storage tank determines its cost, longevity and use. The most common oil storage tank materials are steel, fiberglass and polyethylene.

Steel is the most popular. This is due to its lower cost. However, steel tanks also have the highest potential for corrosion and leaks. Fiberglass is better for resistance against rust and corrosion. Fiberglass tanks can also be used for above- and below-ground storage. Polyethylene tanks are also referred to as “double-wall” tanks. The composite of which they are constructed offers a thick, durable material that is covered by another layer of galvanized steel.

Due to their advantages, polyethylene tanks are the most popular for oil storage in new construction settings. To determine which option is best for you, you must consider the length of your storage needs and your budgetary constraints.

Expect Expertise

As you look for the best oil storage tank for your needs, it’s essential to look to the best in oil tank painting in Colorado. You want a provider that knows the industry, produces quality products and will deliver outstanding service to meet all your oil storage needs.

To vet your options, look for experience in oil tank painting in Colorado and a reputation for excellence in service. Only trust a company with your business if they have proven they are trustworthy. Look for industry certifications, services that are designed to control corrosion and a professional team.

Get More from the Experts

If you need oil tank painting in Colorado or would like additional advice on choosing storage tanks, contact our team. The experts at DJC Enterprises Inc. are ready to answer all your questions and help you select the best products for your needs. We offer industry-leading services to keep your tanks strong, secure and safe. Reach out to us today to get started.

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