Concrete vs. Steel Storage Tanks in Colorado

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If you’re going to invest in above-ground storage tanks, should you choose concrete or steel storage tanks in Colorado? Which is better?

The truth is, there are advantages to both. While concrete storage tanks in Colorado offer some benefits, steel storage tanks in Colorado may be better in some situations. Use the following comparison to help determine which option is best for your setting.


If your goal is longevity, steel is the way to go. Concrete storage tanks in Colorado typically have a lifespan of about 60 years, while steel storage tanks in Colorado can last over 100 years. The shorter lifespan for concrete is due to the material’s tendency to crack. As temperatures change or the ground shifts, the concrete does not offer enough flexibility to withstand these forces. This results in cracks and leaks.


When considering the cost of steel vs. concrete storage tanks in Colorado, one must examine the expenses over the life of the tank. Initially, concrete tanks typically offer a more affordable option than steel tanks. However, keep in mind that these tanks offer a shorter lifespan. They also generally require more maintenance during that lifespan. The inevitable cracks cause leaks, which means some of the contents are lost. There is also cost involved in repairing cracks. With these additional costs in mind, steel storage tanks in Colorado are often less expensive in the long run.


Do you need to be able to customize your above ground storage tank? If so, concrete probably won’t work for your situation. Steel tanks can be designed to meet specific needs, with custom dimensions and the addition of hatches and vents. If necessary, these features can be changed once the tank has been completed. Steel tanks can also be moved if relocation is desired.

This flexibility is not available with concrete tanks. Once it is poured, adjustments are not feasible, and moving the tank is virtually impossible. If you think you’ll need to make changes to the tank once its construction and placement are complete, you should choose steel storage tanks in Colorado.


If you are looking for the most environmentally-friendly option, steel beats concrete. Concrete is porous, so there is a risk of cracking and leaking. There is also potential for mold growth. These weaknesses of concrete make it a less eco-friendly material than steel storage tanks in Colorado.


Steel is recyclable. The material can be repurposed once the tank reaches the end of its life. While concrete is sometimes recyclable, the process is intensive and not always feasible. This makes steel storage tanks a more sustainable solution than concrete storage tanks in Colorado.

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