Corrosion Protection for Industrial Tanks

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Industrial storage tanks are perhaps the most essential aspects of any business that requires them. Above-ground and underground storage tanks keep toxic chemicals in place. They help the oil and gas industry store extracted energy. They help the agricultural industry store food for market and for the livestock they breed. Water storage tanks deliver massive quantities of potable water to people in need across the globe. Indeed, an industrial storage tank is immensely valuable.

However, a storage tank is only helpful to any business so long as it remains in good working order. When corrosion sets in, it can compromise the value of a business’s overall products. Fortunately, there are measures that a company can take to improve tank corrosion protection in Colorado.

What happens to a corroded tank?

The sheer fact that most storage tanks are made of metal makes them a prime candidate for corrosion over the course of their lifespan. Depending on the specific type of metal, the corrosion process can take differing amounts of time—what is certain, however, is that the corrosion is coming. The combination of wind, rain and snow will wear down the structural integrity of your industrial storage tank.

When that happens, your tank is prone to leaks that can contaminate or outright ruin your stored materials. What’s more, natural corrosion can prove detrimental to your industrial tank’s lifespan or require costly repairs. That’s a quagmire that translates to lost productivity and lost dollars no matter how you cut it. Fortunately, there are steps you can take.

Get a tank coating

Easily the best measure you can take to improve your tank corrosion protection in Colorado is getting an interior or exterior tank coating. A professionally-applied tank coating increases your storage tank’s resilience to the worst Mother Nature can throw at it. A tank coating can also keep your valuable products safe and sound for a much more extended period than the tank alone. Even the sturdiest industrial storage tank can benefit from some extra protection.

Have a pro check it out

While you should absolutely continue to keep an eye on the state of your industrial storage tank, it is also essential to schedule routine inspections of your tank. A professional can use their experience to identify minor, fixable issues before they become massive headaches. Indeed, sticking to a regular schedule of preventative maintenance can keep your tank operating at peak efficiency for years to come.

The team you can trust

DJC Enterprises Inc. has proudly provided the very best tank corrosion protection in Colorado since we opened our doors all the way back in 1984. In addition to our comprehensive industrial storage tank services, we also provide shot blasting, shot priming, storage tank cleanouts, sandblasting and so much more.

Regardless of what brings you to us, when you contact DJC Enterprises Inc., you can count on two things: the first is an overarching commitment to customer service, while the second is a level of high-quality workmanship that simply can’t be beat. When you want the best, come to DJC Enterprises Inc. We can’t wait to serve you.

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