Discuss Storage Tank Coatings with Your Applicator Before Signing Off on a Job

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The time has come to have your storage tank sandblasted and coated. It’s a costly job, but one that’s ultimately going to benefit your business and your equipment over the long term. And thankfully, it’s a job you can outsource to DJC Enterprises Inc., since you’re not likely to have the expertise, resources or manpower in-house to do it yourself.

Before you start taking bids from companies on cleaning and tank coating in Colorado, it’s in your best interest to vet contractors about the needs of your particular tank. Listen to what their approach is and what type of coating they recommend. You’re likely to learn a lot about different companies, their approaches and whether or not they’re worth your time and money.

Ask about past experience

One of the first things you should ask prospective bidders on your tank cleaning project is what kind of experience they have. This can dictate how they approach a project and to what degree they’re able to complete the job. It’ll also allow you to gauge their familiarity with an appropriate tank coating in Colorado.

For example, if a company primarily specializes in agricultural holding tank cleaning and coating, they may not be equally adept at working on a tank holding a volatile material like jet fuel! Moreover, they may recommend a cleaning or coating that’s invasive and unnecessary, costing you time and money you might not have for the project.

Choosing a company with experience regarding your particular job often means working with a company who can get the job done on time and within an appropriate budget.

Gauge the bid

When you’ve narrowed down companies and bids, take a look at the specifics. See what types of cleaning procedures and coatings each bid recommends or covers. You might find that bids vary greatly based on the methodologies of the companies.

One big example of this involves coating types. Storage tank coatings vary greatly by application—you’re not going to use the same degree of coating protection for cattle feed as you would for water, for example. Many companies will try to sell you on the top-of-the-line coating for your tank, even if it’s not necessary. This doesn’t illustrate a dedication to quality—it illustrates a superfluous cost.

Instead, work with companies that are able to identify an effective, cost-efficient coating for your holding and storage tanks. This will ensure they get the best protection while you get the best price.

Speak with an applicator

Finally, the best way to make sure you’re choosing the right bid is to go beyond the paper and speak to the applicator. It’s easy to feel out whether you’re being oversold or underbid when you can have a conversation with someone. Ask why they recommend a particular cleaning and coating method or inquire about similar jobs they’ve done and you’ll quickly get an idea of who’s equipped to best serve you.

By taking the time to evaluate cleaning and coating bids, you’ll be able to make a sound, confident decision that benefits your equipment and your bank account. For more information about tank coating in Colorado, we encourage you to contact the experts at DJC Enterprises Inc. today.

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