Everything You Need to Know About Tank Inspections and Regulatory Permits

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Despite looking sturdy as can be, storage tanks can and do fail from time to time. From cracks in the siding to leaks from pipes, accidents can certainly happen. The best way to prevent these accidents is with regular storage tank inspections in Colorado. Inspections are required under federal law, and permits must be obtained after tanks pass inspection. Keep reading to learn more about these inspections, and who can perform them.

When are inspections required?

The frequency of inspections depends on the materials that are stored in the tank, as well as where the tank is located. For example, a below-ground tank that stores oil needs to be inspected more frequently than an above-ground tank full of corn products. Your local government can provide you with exact details regarding how often your tanks need to be professionally inspected.

How do you get a permit?

Once your tank has passed inspection, you’ll receive a permit stating that everything is good to go. These permits don’t last forever, so you’ll need to have inspections performed on a regular basis. Again, your government officials can tell you how long your permit is good for.

What are the benefits of inspections?

Besides needing them to stay within good standing in the eyes of the law, storage tank inspections in Colorado offer quite a few benefits for business owners. Here are a few of the top ones:

  • Avoid cracks: A tank may show some signs that it’s about to crack before the crack actually happens. Though you may know some of the warning signs, hiring a trained professional is the best way to spot them and mitigate the chance of cracking.
  • Avert pipe failure: Professionals don’t just check out the tank itself during a storage tank inspection—they also check all of the pipes and other components of the tank to ensure proper functionality. Just like with the crack mentioned above, a professional inspection can prevent any problems with pipes or other tank components.
  • Save money over time: Though inspections aren’t free, they’ll almost certainly save you money in the long run! A proper inspection prevents a host of issues with your tank that would otherwise cost a boatload to repair. Just be sure to have your inspections performed by certified professionals to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Call our team to maintain your tanks!

You can’t perform inspections by yourself, so be sure to call our crew at DJC Enterprises Inc. to get the job done! Our clients choose us for inspections because we’re certified to do the job, and our rates are fair and competitive. On top of that, our crews can address many tank concerns, so you don’t have to run around town hiring a bunch of different companies to handle different issues with your tanks.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape of storage tanks you have—be sure to call our team at DJC Enterprises Inc. to inspect and maintain them. Our team of experts conducts thorough storage tank inspections in Colorado to prevent accidents and ensure you’re in good standing with the law. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection!

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