Five Benefits of Sandblasting Surface Prep in Colorado

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Never underestimate the value of sandblasting surface prep. This step could make a big difference in the longevity of your storage tanks and metal structures and make further surface treatments work much better. It is basically a high-pressure scrubbing of the surface so that, when you treat or finish it, the application is smoother and the treatment lasts longer. If you are considering skipping this important step, here are five benefits to consider first:

  • Contaminant removal: No matter how clean things may appear, surfaces always come in contact with contaminants. Even new items that recently finished being manufactured can be contaminated, and outdoor structures are definitely covered with unwanted components. Old paint is another contaminant, and you cannot expect like-new results if you simply cover it over. Sandblasting removes these contaminants so new paint and surface treatments can be applied to a clean surface. Otherwise, you are merely preserving the contaminants to cause bigger issues.
  • Rust removal: The refinery sector is especially interested in rust removal. Weather, chemicals and dirt make rust a constant threat that must be abated. Any industry that places great investment in its equipment and structures wants to preserve them by avoiding rust. Sandblasting surface prep in Colorado can remove rust without compromising surfaces and leaves behind metal in its original shiny state. From there, you can make needed repairs to the surface or treat it with another layer of paint or coating. Basically, you can rest assured that your treatment will not trap rust and cause problems in the future.
  • Improved painting: If you are looking to paint a building or tank, sandblasting is the best first step. While no one may look close enough at your tank to see bumps under paint layers, those bumps are slowly causing corrosion. Larger debris may create an uneven look to the paint as well. So, if you want your paint job to look professional, sandblasting first will improve both the application and the final appearance.
  • Saves money: Sandblasting is a cost-effective option that makes surface treatments last longer. Basically, you have the choice between skipping sandblasting and continuing to poorly retreat surfaces or doing it right the first time and applying treatments to a clean surface. When you make the investment in a surface treatment, you should help it work as well as possible. Treat the surface first with sandblasting and it will be better prepared to accept a new treatment.
  • Safe: Sandblasting is safe and environmentally friendly. It uses organic elements like shell grit, metal, glass, sand and even water, which is applied at high pressure to remove surface rust and other contaminants. There are no chemicals involved or hazardous substances that can be inhaled. If your plant is located in an environmentally vulnerable area, sandblasting can be the best way to preserve your equipment while avoiding pollution.

DJC Enterprises Inc. offers expertise in sandblasting surface prep throughout Colorado. If you are looking to retreat the surfaces of your tanks or buildings, consider sandblasting first. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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