Five Considerations When Choosing Exterior Coatings for Your Storage Tank in Colorado

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No matter your industry, failure of a storage tank in Colorado is a disaster. It results in lost assets at the very least, and public health hazards at worst when they involve volatile substances. The exterior coating provides protection and restoration to storage tanks so they last longer and protect your bottom line. When we choose a type of coating for your tank, here are five elements we consider:

  • Size of the tank: Applying an exterior coating will not offer many benefits if we cannot cover the entire tank. We arrive on site prepared, and that starts with using your tank dimensions to be sure we bring enough material and tools to coat your entire tank. If your tank is large enough that the work will require more than one day to complete, we also take protective measures so unpainted areas of the tank are not left vulnerable.
  • Surface condition: All tanks require some type of surface preparation before we paint. It may involve removing a new coating or just giving it a thorough cleaning. Sometimes, we come across tanks that have faced years of neglect. There may be surface rust, corrosion or even dirt buildup. Before we coat these tanks, we sandblast the surface so it is ready for a new and improved coat. Many times, we can prevent corrosion from spreading and even restore the tank to its original durability.
  • Fire resistance: Many clients store flammable material in their tanks. This is not unique by industry; corrosive chemicals often present concerns, but in agriculture, fertilizer and grains are also highly flammable. Even if you use tanks for water, fire is still a hazard. Colorado faced aggressive fires one summer, and that is always a possibility. That is why we focus on fire resistance no matter what type of material you store. You can face that danger from the environment as well as from the contents of your tank.
  • Weather: Tank coatings often vary by climate. A tank exposed to full UV rays most days of the year faces different threats than one facing ice and snow on a constant basis. In Colorado, we must address both conditions, since even winter comes with strong sunlight as well as cold temperatures. The coating will protect tanks from weather elements and keep contents from being affected by them as well. You can consider a coating a shield for your assets, since weather is unpredictable and could present a threat.
  • Stenciling and trademarks: Companies may not just want protection from their coating. They also see large tanks as an opportunity to expose their brand. Trademarks and graphics also figure prominently on tanks, and other clients often want designs that commemorate a local sports team or city pride. If we know you desire stencils, we choose a coating that helps their application and presentation. For example, if we know your trademark is mostly black, we will not paint your tank black and make it impossible for you to add that embellishment!

DJC Enterprises Inc. can provide maintenance and exterior coatings for your storage tank in Colorado for many industries, including oil and agricultural. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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