Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Tank Lining

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Storage tank linings in Colorado are an important consideration when establishing a storage system. Internal tank linings help control corrosion, protect the product that is in storage and minimize evaporation.

Because a variety of storage tank liners are available in Colorado, you must weigh several factors when choosing a lining to select the best option. As you choose storage tank linings, keep the following considerations in mind.


Choosing sustainable solutions is a top priority for most companies and individuals today. For best practices regarding environmental and safety concerns, choose a liner that maximizes sustainability. Some internal tank linings in Colorado are non-toxic and VOC-free. Look for options that don’t pose health and safety concerns to those who apply the linings and will not pose a threat to their surrounding environment.


What will you be storing in the tanks? What will be the conditions for the storage tank liners in Colorado? If the location will experience extreme temperatures or is in a humid environment, this must be taken into consideration as you choose your liner. Not all storage tank linings are suitable for these conditions.

The products that you will be storing also affect the performance. Heated materials must be stored in linings that can handle the heat. Always check the performance rating for any storage tank liners in Colorado and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for how you apply and use the linings.


Of course, you want to choose storage tank liners in Colorado that can stand the test of time. If you will need to move the tank, the liner needs to be able to withstand this, so you should look for flexibility and abrasion resistance. If you’ll be filling the tank with harsh chemicals, the liner must be able to handle this exposure. In this case, you must make sure the liner has been tested for use with that particular chemical.


If something happens that causes damage to storage tank linings in Colorado, some can be repaired, while others cannot. If they are repairable, this can significantly reduce costs. If the linings have no repairability, you may have to budget for replacement costs down the line.


The cost of storage tank liners in Colorado goes beyond the initial purchase of the lining itself. Consider the time it will take to complete the application and any preparation this will require. Also keep in mind future repairs that may be necessary. Another important factor is the standard that the lining must meet for the industry. Higher standards typically require greater investment of time and money.

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