Four Challenges with Painting Storage Tanks

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Having a proper coat of paint on your storage tank is an essential part of safely storing oil and other hazardous materials. Understanding the unique challenges associated with storage tank painting in Colorado can help you select the right contractor for the job, and ensures that you understand all the costs associated with its successful completion. Tank coating can be a difficult and demanding task that requires a high level of expertise and lots of specialized equipment.

Tank coating in Colorado is an intensive and resource-heavy task. It frequently requires the use of multiple trucks, scaffolding, high-caliber ventilation equipment and personal respirators. It also demands a well-trained and highly qualified crew. Here are just a few of the things that make the process of storage tank painting such a challenging task:

  • Scaling up: Depending on the type of project that is occurring, tank coating can require significant scaling efforts. If a property has several tanks on-site, addressing all of their paint needs at once will require extensive logistical maneuvering, as each piece of equipment must be in place in a timely and efficient manner so that the job is delivered on time.
  • A tight squeeze: Storage tanks, despite their seemingly massive size, are still enclosed and claustrophobic environments. Fumes and dangerous vapors can build up at the base of a tank, meaning that supplied air systems are often necessary for a crew’s initial descent into a tank. Additionally, OSHA standards mandate that a multi-gas test monitor read the air content and quality before a crew can enter the tank.
  • Proper ventilation: An important part of storage tank painting in Colorado is properly ventilating the receptacle. Without clear and even ventilation, paint fumes can harm workers and the coat may begin to dry unevenly. A consistent interchange of negative and positive air exchange with the outside must be maintained. Ideally, a tank will cycle through its air supply every single hour.
  • Protecting from falls: Even ground-level storage tanks typically rise up several stories, and pose the risk of serious injury if they were to be fallen from. Tank coating typically requires several staging phases to be constructed and utilized, then deconstructed, within the tank itself. This obviously requires a substantial amount of specialized equipment and knowledge.

If you are in need of storage tank painting services, it is extremely important that you hire only the most qualified and trusted professionals to perform your tank coating in Colorado and other forms of maintenance. Obtaining insufficient maintenance or painting services can result in damaged tanks that may not be able to properly store their designated substance.

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