Four Reasons for Regular Tank Maintenance in Colorado

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Owning storage tanks is like owning a vehicle or house in that regular maintenance is important to ensure longevity and avoid costly repairs. When it comes to storage tanks, strength and durability are crucial to preventing corrosion, surface damage, leaking and failure, whether the tanks are filled with water or oil. But if you work with an experienced and licensed tank maintenance company, you can rest easy knowing your tanks are always in good hands.

Thorough tank cleaning takes time, but professional maintenance is worth it. Let’s take a look at four reasons to invest in regular tank maintenance in Colorado.

Tank cleanliness

The outsides of your above-ground storage tanks need frequent attention to avoid structural failure, corrosion and outer surface repainting. The area surrounding the tank is supposed to be empty. Start by removing pooled rainwater and gathered debris away from the tank or from diked systems—the space around the tank is what will contain spilled-out materials in the event that a break occurs. Spills are messy and wasteful no matter the contents, but they can be avoided with proper tank cleaning and maintenance.

Engines need clean fuel

The materials inside storage tanks will eventually be used. For example, stored fuel goes into all types of vehicle engines. Automobile technology is constantly evolving toward better and improved fuel economy of vehicles, which can also mean new fuel injectors for more efficient combustion engines. Because they clog more easily, these newer fuel injectors require cleaner fuel and cleaner fuel injectors to prevent damage to the engine. In short, clean storage tanks means there’s clean fuel to go though fuel injectors.

Protect diesel from water

Diesel fuel is cleaner today than in years past but, unfortunately, cleaner diesel is quick to absorb water. For the most part, the surfer content of diesel has been reduced down to 15ppm, although removing sulfur will have an effect on the viability of the diesel fuel. To counteract this problem, additives are used. The only problem with using additives is the fact that they make it much easier for the diesel fuel to absorb water, and water in diesel has been known to cause great damage to diesel vehicle engines. Practice preventative tank maintenance to ensure cleaner diesel fuel.

Biofuels require monitoring

New biofuels are becoming sought after—they are efficient and offer a cleaner burn than other types of fuels—meaning more of it will need containing in high quality storage tanks. Since these fuels are susceptible to drawing in water from the air, and you use your tanks to store biofuels, proper fuel storage tank maintenance is a must, not only to keep the fuel clean, but also to keep them stable.

Whether you own commercial, industrial or residential storage tanks, the key to keeping them in good working order is having them professionally serviced and maintained. For oil tank maintenance in Colorado, contact the experienced team at DJC Enterprises Inc. Our services also include tank repairs and checking that your tanks have the proper coatings for the materials they are holding. Call us to schedule a service appointment today!

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