Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Oil Field Production Equipment in Colorado

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Just as you would with the tools and equipment used in other industries, it’s crucial that you maintain all the equipment used in oil fields—regardless of whether you own or rent the equipment. Without proper maintenance, you risk equipment breakdown that can cause injury to workers, loss of production time and even costly repairs or replacements. All these risks are increased in rural areas, as any kind of help can be hours away. Moreover, routine maintenance keeps your oil field equipment running smoothly and efficiently so your business can go on without any hiccups.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your oil field production equipment in Colorado:

  • Inspect components: From the frame to all working parts, always take a walk around the equipment to look for any oddities or obvious damage. You’ll also want to check the bolts on each piece of equipment; tighten loose bolts as needed so they don’t jiggle out one day.
  • Check the engine: Check all engine components to make sure everything is in good working order. Inspect the wires and connectors for corrosion and excessive wear. Also, check hoses, belts and fuel lines for damage, like cracks, breaks and leaks.
  • Check airflow: Without proper airflow, oil field production equipment in Colorado will have a hard time working efficiently. It’s crucial to replace dirty air filters, but hire a professional and they will do a complete diagnostic test to pinpoint which parts need fixing or upgrades.
  • Service the pumps: Oil equipment can produce a lot of heat when dirty, so it’s important to service the pumps with regular cleanings and draining. To prevent overheating and unnecessary strain on your equipment, remove dirt, grease, grime and other buildup from oil equipment components. Otherwise, the heat can shorten the equipment’s life and may even cause expensive damage.
  • Protect with a shelter: Securing and protecting your oil field equipment is more important than most people think. A shelter protects equipment from damage brought about by elemental factors, such as high winds, hurricane winds, extreme heat, rain and snow, as well as damage from chemicals or impact.
  • Invest in a maintenance plan: Whether you invest in a professional preventative maintenance plan or do most of the tasks yourself, maintenance needs to be done regularly and right. Hiring a pro can save money and time, allowing you to focus on your business and not worry. Well-maintained oil equipment means you’ll have a smooth operation all year long.
  • Follow safety standards: Equipment that is not maintained is a hazard to oil workers out in the field. Your crew’s health and safety is on the line, so make sure all equipment is problem-free and that everyone is following proper safety procedures.

If you are looking for quick and reliable repairs for your oil field production equipment in Colorado, turn to a team you can trust. At DJC Enterprises Inc., we work closely with oil companies to provide repairs and maintenance to ensure their oil tanks are functioning right and are safe to use. Contact us today for in-the-field or off-site equipment services!

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