How New Technology Is Revolutionizing the Process of Predicting Fuel Tank Failure

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In many places in the U.S., liquid fuel is still required for heating and cooking. In these places, it is not uncommon to see a big white storage tank in every backyard. When they need more fuel, someone drives up in a big truck and fills the tank, at a rate of about 70 gallons a minute. The stress these tanks face, being emptied and refilled so often, and oftentimes being directly out in the elements, means that they are going to eventually fail.

Industrial storage tanks

At DJC Enterprises Inc., we work with much larger storage tanks, enormous industrial fuel tanks and fertilizer tanks, but the idea’s the same. And the problems they face are the same, too: inevitable failure from overuse and exposure. For a really long time, as shameful as this is to admit, there was no way to know when a tank would fail. In fact, the industry-wide solution was simply “You’ll know your tank’s bad when it leaks or spills. And then you get a new storage tank.” It’s pretty easy to see the type of effect that such widespread neglect could have on the environment.

Luckily, today we have a new technology that allows us to monitor the health of our tanks and accurately predict when they’re likely to fail. This allows us to replace fuel tanks before they fail, and to keep unnecessary spills and leaks from occurring.

Ultrasonic tank testing

Using ultrasound digital imaging, a trained inspecting technician can get a clear visual measurement of the wall thickness of a tank. Year by year, your tanks can be tested, and then at the point where any part of the tank has thinned below the industry-approved thickness, the device will put up a red flag, indicating the tank is ready to be replaced by a new storage tank in Colorado.

The equipment is highly calibrated—as these steel tanks aren’t that thick to begin with, we’re talking about differences of millimeters. This technology has solved what had been the biggest problem in steel fuel tank maintenance, our inability to track internal corrosion. With this new technology, we can prevent spills, both big and small, in backyards across America and in big industrial parks.

Find new storage tanks in Colorado

DJC Enterprises Inc. has been a family owned and operated business in Briggsdale, CO, since 1984. In that time we’ve seen the technology and technique of fuel tank maintenance reach a higher level. We feel as if we’ve taken a small part in that, and are proud of the benefits that has had for our environment.

We perform large-scale storage tank coatings, sandblastings and painting for old and new storage tanks in Colorado. If you’re in need of a company to perform regular tank maintenance, or are simply looking for someone to paint your new storage tank, we hope you’ll keep us in mind. We’ve built our good reputation over these 33-plus years by always going the extra mile to satisfy our customers, and to make sure that our work will stand the tests of time and repeated use. Give us a call today!

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