Proactive Storage Tank Maintenance

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Caring for your storage tank is imperative for clean, quality materials. Storage tanks, which can be used in industrial applications to hold acids, water, petroleum, adhesives and a wide range of other potentially toxic materials, are essential to the safety and security of your business operation.

Oil tanks are one of the most common forms of industrial storage tank. These invaluable devices can play a substantial role in the production and refining of commercial fuels. They require regular repair to be at their most productive, however, and neglecting tank maintenance in Colorado can have dangerous consequences for unprepared businesses.

Preventative maintenance

Implementing a preventative tank maintenance program for your storage tanks is an essential part of avoiding costly and unnecessary oil tank repair in Colorado.

Sludge, precipitates and other impurities can build up in storage tanks, which may cause the barrel to begin to erode or other otherwise degrade in quality. The accumulation of undesirable compounds may also adversely affect the performance of your barrel, and restrict its flow.

The removal of sludge is the most important first step in oil tank cleaning procedures. After any sludge has been satisfactorily cleansed from the bottom of the tank, the actual maintenance of the tank can begin.

Tanks may be tested for any potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, and may potentially be resealed.

The process of storage tank maintenance is highly involved, and requires a high degree of specialized training. Fall hazards are common, and oil tank repair often involves hazardous materials. For most businesses, it is actually more cost-effective to outsource preventative storage tank maintenance to an outside contractor rather than training their staff to maintain and clean refinery tanks.

Choosing a contractor

When you are searching for a specialist to handle refinery tank repair in Colorado, there are several considerations that you will want to think over.

Oil tank repair is a delicate and involved process that requires a high degree of expertise. You should only consider hiring refinery tank repair contractors who have a long history in the local business community, and who specialize in storage tank maintenance.

Additionally, safety should be the highest priority for anyone who is hiring a storage tank maintenance specialist. Oil tank repair contractors should hold several different levels of safety certification, including HAZWOPER training and confined space entry certification.

While every business wants to utilize the most cost-effective contractor that is available, it is important to remember that the cheapest bidder may not necessarily be the most cost-effective in the long term. If a contractor is priced substantially lower than all of the competing contractors in the area, it is likely this because they are cutting costs somewhere along the line. Don’t risk the safety of your business—hire only qualified contractors with verifiable reviews from other businesses in the area.

DJC Enterprises Inc. has been providing Colorado and the U.S. with reliable storage tank sales and storage tank maintenance since 1984. Our business is family-owned and extremely dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to our local business community. To learn more about how we may be able to assist your business in keeping its materials safe and sound, give us a call today!

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