Refinery Storage Tank Cleaning and Repair

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Petroleum products are frequently store in large, above-ground steel cylinders that are specially designed to accommodate caustic materials such as acids and oils. These refinery storage tanks, however, require frequent maintenance and repair in order to hold your materials safely.

Oil tank repair and cleaning is a deeply involved process that requires a substantial amount of work from highly qualified technicians. Here are just some of the steps that go into a typical refinery tank cleaning job:

  • On-site safety meeting: Most crews will begin the tank cleaning process by engaging in an on-site safety meeting prior to beginning the cleaning itself. This meeting should be documented and attended by a representative of the site’s owners, who will ensure that the process is being handled adequately and effectively.
  • Setting up a safe area: Securing proper ventilation and setting up a safe area is essential for the crew who is performing the storage tank maintenance. Additionally, a decontamination space should be allocated prior to any work beginning. Crews can come into contact with a wide range of toxic substances, and may need to quickly undergo decontamination procedures.
  • Make a plan: Each time a crew visits a new site, they will have to establish a site-specific health and safety plan (HASP). This will document how the crew will respond to any potential errors that may occur on the site, and how existing safety concerns will be mitigated as the process of refinery tank repair in Colorado is completed.
  • Gearing up: Crews that are completing oil tank repair in Colorado must carry and utilize a substantial amount of gear in order to complete the work successfully and safely. Supplied air systems, pressure washers, a vacuum truck, an air monitoring meter, confined entry gear and rescue equipment must be kept on hand at any work site.
  • Cleaning the tank: Once all of the necessary preparations have been accounted for, it is time for the technicians to begin the process of actually cleaning or repairing the refinery storage tank. The crew will enter the tank, and use a pressure washer and the vacuum attached to the vacuum truck in order to loosen and suck up any undesirable solids and debris. If the tank is large enough, it will need to be cleaned in quarters so that the crew does not risk cross-contaminating any other part of the refinery storage tank in Colorado. The vacuum truck will be driven off-site after the job is complete in order to properly dispose of the potentially hazardous material that it has absorbed throughout the duration of the cleaning process.

Due to the high amount of specialized knowledge, equipment and certification that is required to clean a refinery storage tank, it is financially infeasible for most businesses to accomplish on their own. To clean, repair and maintain refinery storage tanks, most businesses are best served by employing the services of a qualified contractor.

Since 1984, DJC Enterprises Inc. has been providing the business community of Colorado with high-quality refinery tank repair services. Our family-owned business is proud to serve the community with dependable, reliable refinery storage tank services. To learn about the cost of our oil tank repair and cleaning services, contact us today!

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