Regular Inspections Prevent Tank Corrosion

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Tank corrosion should be a major concern for any business owner. On top of looking bad, rust and corrosion lower the tank’s structural integrity. The good news is that tank corrosion prevention in Colorado isn’t as tricky as many people think. In fact, it all starts with an inspection. Continue reading to learn more about preventing corrosion and what DJC Enterprises Inc. can do to help.

How often should my tank be inspected?

Even though it sounds like a lot, we recommend having your tank inspected every three to five years. If we can catch corrosion early, you can save a boatload in repair or replacement costs. Winter weather is known to take a toll on tanks, so now is a good time to call us for an in-depth inspection.

What does an inspection entail?

During an inspection, professionals will pore over every detail of your tanks. Inspectors check inside and out for any signs of corrosion, including rusty areas, holes or leaks. If there is any corrosion, we’ll need to address it sooner rather than later to prevent significant problems down the road.

Who should perform the inspection?

For proper tank corrosion prevention in Colorado, you’ve got to choose the right team for an inspection! We believe our crew at DJC Enterprises Inc. is the best team for the job. We have years of experience inspecting tanks of all sizes, so there’s no job too big or too small for us to tackle. On top of checking for corrosion, our team will identify any other weak points with your tank and fix the issue.

What can be done if there is corrosion?

Even with regular tank inspections, you may still run into some issues with corrosion. One of the approaches below can correct it:

  • Re-lining: Left unchecked, corrosion can run rampant inside your tanks, which means they’ll need to be re-lined. Re-lining is often a time-consuming procedure, meaning your business could be down for a few days while the process is underway. To prevent this, be sure to conduct regular inspections, and be sure to choose our team at DJC Enterprises Inc. if and when your tanks need to be re-lined. Our competitive rates and high-quality service make us your go-to choice for tank re-lining.
  • Sandblasting: Clearing out corrosion may be as easy as sandblasting it off your tanks. Of course, you’ll need to hire our pros to take care of the job. We have all of the right tools and expert-level knowledge to ensure corrosion is gone and doesn’t come back anytime soon.
  • Painting: After sandblasting, you’ll need to have your tanks repainted. New paint will stop the current corrosion from spreading while protecting against any future damage. For best results, we recommend having your tank repainted every few years. Doing so will ensure your tank looks great and stays free of corrosion.

Before allowing your tanks to corrode, be sure to call our team for tank corrosion prevention in Colorado! Our professionals can inspect your tanks for signs of corrosion and address the problem if there is any rust.

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