Tank Sandblasting and Painting Services in Colorado

storage tanksSurface preparation and finishing is vital to increasing the longevity and resilience of storage tanks. Industrial tank painting can help your tank weather the elements better, while giving your assets a clean, professional façade that helps illustrate your dedication to quality.

DJC Enterprises Inc. is here to provide you with all of the sandblasting and painting services you need to prep and finish the surface of your tanks.


Storage Tank Sandblasting and Painting

DJC Enterprises, Inc. provides painting and sandblasting for commercial, industrial and residential tank owners seeking a company that can complete their sandblasting and painting needs on time and within budget. With a strong regional presence, we are able to travel to your site with the equipment and experience to make your project successful.
storage tanks

Shop Blasting and Priming

We provide shop blasting and priming from our yard. With the right tools to unload, prep and prime your material, we can make all your projects a success. With multiple crews available to complete your project, we meet the most challenging of schedules. DJC Enterprises Inc. also provides field blasting and priming service to complete any project. Our critical prep services pave the way for a pristine level of storage tank painting in Colorado and surrounding states.


Interior Tank Coatings

storage tanksProviding interior preparation to a tank’s surface to accept high-performance coatings is critical to a successful paint project. As American Water Works Association (AWWA) members, we are knowledgeable in various coating systems for water storage and other liquid materials. These coatings along with proper maintenance will extend the life of your tanks. We’re also adept at oil tank coating in Colorado, to ensure success in projects with more volatile material concerns.

For more information about our full scope of sandblasting, paint prep and painting capabilities or to inquire about our bid for your project, please contact us today by calling 970-356-9722 or 888-900-TANK (8265).