Seven Eye-Catching and Unique Water Storage Tanks

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Nearly every city has a water tank where potable water for its residents and businesses is stored. You’re bound to see at least one while driving through town. However, many of these water tanks blend into the background because of their plain styles. Most are painted blue, gray or white and are usually outfitted with the city name and logo.

Not all tanks fit this bill, though. There are quite a few storage tanks across the nation that are designed to catch the eye of passersby.

Check out some of these interesting and unique water storage tanks!

“Peachoid” in Gaffney, SCwater tank

The Peachoid water tank in Gaffney, SC was built in 1981 and speaks for the local community’s main economic driver: peaches! The water tank towers above the town, painted and shaped just like a peach and impossible to miss.

Giant strawberry in Plant City, FLgiant-strawberry-Plant-city

Plant City, FL is home to strawberries galore—including one in the sky! The Plant City Strawberry Water Tower is shaped and painted just like a strawberry, creating a colorful beacon overhead.

Water tank and observation tower at Pearl HarborPearl-Harbor

Tall and brightly-painted in orange and white stripes, the water tank and observation tower located in Pearl Harbor, HI has stood watch over the nearby naval base and harbor since 1925.

Candy striped tank in Sylacauga, AL

A giant water tank in Sylacauga, AL stands at over 87 feet tall and is painted in such an eye-catching design that it’s one of the town’s noticeable landmarks. The tank emulates a circus tent with its bright red and white-striped paint job.

1.5 million-gallon tank in Yucaipa Valley, CAYucaipa-valley

Yucaipa Valley, CA is home to an enormous aboveground storage tank at the center of town. The exterior of the tank is not only massive, but is covered in a beautiful mural that mimics the surrounding landscape with trees and other natural elements.

Rosemont, IL rose-covered towerRosemont

The city of Rosemont, IL pays tribute to its name with a beautiful rose design adorning its local water tower. The structure was built in 1982 and has been repainted thrice since to maintain the vivid coloring—a task that required multiple coats of paint and numerous colors.

Hi-tech storage tank in Sacramento, CAsacramento

The Thermal-Energy Storage Tank in Sacramento was completed in 2010 and includes high-performance coatings to ensure peak performance as part of the local heating and cooling plant. The top of the storage tank showcases a unique metallic-looking structural feature and blue lighting for a futuristic effect.

Rely on us for storage tank painting in Colorado

What all of these water storage tanks have in common is their phenomenal and professional paint jobs. Not only do these water storage tank paint jobs help attract attention, but they also help protect the tank from the effects of weather and make the steel last far longer.

If you own a water storage tank, don’t hesitate to finish its exterior, whether you choose a plain and simple look or a more intricate, fun design like the ones mentioned above.

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