Six Benefits of Using Epoxy for Exterior Tank Coating in Colorado

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Commercial, industrial and residential storage tanks can hold any number of materials, which is why it’s important to protect tanks both inside and outside. For the outside, you might consider preserving steel tanks in a protective epoxy coating: a mixture of resin and hardener that goes through a curing process. Epoxy is known to stave off damage from things like corrosive substances and extreme temperatures, making it a top choice for coating applications. Regardless of whether you use your storage tanks for retaining water, gas, oil, grain or other materials, you want to ensure they don’t fail.

Here are six benefits of applying an exterior epoxy tank coating in Colorado:

  • Durable: As soon as the coat of epoxy has fully cured, it becomes a hard finish and your outdoor storage tanks will be protected from all sorts of potential damage. The durability of epoxy is second to none for a variety of structures and fixtures; in fact, epoxy coating is so durable that it’s also used on industrial concrete floors.
  • Strong: When deciding on the type of coating to apply all over your storage tanks, first consider the strength advantages of an epoxy coating. Epoxy paint hardens into an extremely durable and strong coating, which makes it impact resistant. This coating, if applied properly, will not crack, fracture or split on impact.
  • Weather resistant: Since many metal-based storage tanks are placed outdoors, often without shelter, corrosion can be an issue. This is all the more reason to invest in a weather resistant product. Coat your tanks with epoxy and they will have a better chance at withstanding extreme temperatures, like the blazing hot sun in summer and hail and whipping rains in winter.
  • Chemical resistant: Storage tanks that are used in industrial plants or commercial factories are often in danger of chemical corrosion. This is because hazardous chemicals are often used to clean and operate machinery, creating more opportunity for tanks to be subjected to chemical leaks and spills. Add an exterior epoxy coating to protect your storage tanks!
  • Easy to clean: Epoxy creates a smooth surface for your storage tanks, so cleaning the exterior is a fairly easy process. Additionally, the hardness of the epoxy keeps stains from forming and sticking around, and most debris washes off with ease. This is good news for the food production industry, since cleanliness is very important in food processing plants.
  • Eco-friendly: Because epoxy coatings are non-toxic, they are an environmentally friendly choice to prevent exterior deterioration of outdoor storage tanks. There are no fumes released into the environment, and since epoxy coatings last longer than most other applications, there’s less chemical use overall.

In addition to regular maintenance and cleaning, adding a strong coating to your tanks can better ensure safe storage of your materials and longer lasting tanks.

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