Some Tips for New Tank Construction

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Businesses and municipalities use industrial storage tanks for a number of different purposes, including water, gas, grain and other storage. When it comes time for your company or entity to build a new tank, you should consider your construction carefully. From deciding what your project requires to finding the right contractor for the job, storage tank installation in Colorado is a major undertaking.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Here are our best Colorado storage tank construction tips.

What kind of tank do you need?

The first factor to consider is also the easiest to answer: what will you be using the tank to store? Industrial storage tanks are commonly used to store fuel, gas, water, chemicals, oil, grain and more. Depending on the type of goods you’re storing, you may need to choose one type of tank over the other. For example, if you’re building a tank to hold chemicals, you’ll need to choose a material that won’t react to them.

Another important consideration: where and how you’ll build the tank. Is it above or below the ground? If you choose an above-ground tank, this will require regular maintenance like painting and sandblasting to prevent rust and corrosion. Conversely, below-ground tanks may require special building and excavation considerations.

Finally, think about the size, capacity and location of your tank. Will you need more than one? Do you need room to grow? What is your budget for this and future projects? Are there any other environmental concerns to consider? These broad factors will help you determine the type and size of tank you should be buying.

What material should you choose?

The tank material is another critical decision to make. Steel, concrete and fiberglass tanks are the three most common materials available. Welded steel tanks are the most versatile and durable—they’re safe for everything from drinking water to hazardous chemicals, won’t leak and are sustainable. Steel is one of the planet’s most recycled materials. When you pair environmental friendliness with durability and leak prevention, it’s no wonder steel is the most popular tank material available. However, be sure to research your specific industry’s needs and talk to other industry professionals to determine whether there’s a better option for your project.

How to choose the right contractor

Finally, you’ll need to choose a tank construction contractor carefully. In addition to ensuring that they make and install the type of storage tank you need, do your research. Find out who other companies have used. Google the company and look for reviews online or through the Better Business Bureau.

Find out what kind of schedule they can commit to, and ask about construction methods, safety plans and any other considerations you may require. Lastly, it’s always wise to go with a local contractor, in case any issues arise.

Once you choose the right type and material for your storage tank installation in Colorado and find a great vendor, be sure to contact DJC Enterprises Inc. for sandblasting, painting and tank maintenance.

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