Sustainable Options for Oil Tank Painting in Colorado

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Just about every industry is looking for ways to achieve greater sustainability in its operations and practices. This is even true in the world of storage tank manufacturing and maintenance. Consider this: steel is the single most recycled material in the United States, which makes welded steel tanks environmentally friendly recycling products. These days there are even green coating options available for your storage tanks that will make them even more sustainable.

According to research from, green coatings have taken off over the last six years or so. In fact, since 2012, the worth of the worldwide green coatings market has been about $60.6 billion, and could reach $85.7 billion by the end of this year. This is largely due to how great of a demand there has been for environmentally friendly products and painting supplies.

Green paint first became popular for interior applications, but it’s not just for inside homes or schools. Now you’ll find green coatings for just about every single type of industrial application, including oil tank painting in Colorado.

There are many reasons why these industries continue to transition to “green “coatings. For one, there has been a lot of research to show that industrial coatings tend to be made with toxic ingredients which can send their toxins into the air even at room temperature while the paint dries. These toxins have the potential to cause health problems and side effects such as dizziness, headaches and kidney damage. They can also be extremely damaging to the environment, as they eat away at the ozone layer.

Toxic paints also contain high levels of biocides and fungicides that are meant to increase their shelf life and prevent mildew growth. However, these substances also affect the air and the surrounding environment. Greater awareness of these issues has led to greater demand for alternative, environmentally friendly coatings.

What makes a coating “green”?

So what all goes into a “green” coating that makes it so environmentally friendly? Here are a few examples of common ingredients used in these products:

  • Soy beans: Some manufacturers of green paints use a polyvinyl ether copolymer developed from soy bean oil and menthol, which make for ideal coatings for certain types of products.
  • Vegetable oil: Vegetable oil has been used as an ingredient in coatings for thousands of years—there is evidence it was used to preserve cave paintings in early civilizations. It remains a highly functional corrosion inhibitor, which makes it ideal for use in “green” coatings.
  • Milk: Milk paint has become quite common in recent years. It’s a mixture of cow’s and goat’s milk made from casein and lime. It was quite common in colonial America, and is returning to popularity today in a more environmentally conscious world. This paint ages well and does not chip easily.
  • Clay: Clay paints tend to be thicker and provide a plaster-like finish. You’ll get deep, rich hues out of your clay paints.

For more information about green options for oil tank painting in Colorado, contact DJC Enterprises Inc. today.

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