Tank Maintenance Services in Colorado

storage tank maintenanceEnsuring the integrity and stability of a storage holding tank is vital to preventing corrosion, leaking and failure. For tanks charged with holding volatile materials—such as fertilizer, fuel, or oil—the need for proper maintenance is paramount.

Trust DJC Enterprises Inc. with oil tank maintenance in Colorado and surrounding states to ensure your tanks are always getting the attention they demand. Our experienced professionals understand the nuances of cleaning and maintenance services, and we put in the work to prevent costly failures from occurring. Some of our specialties include:


Refinery Facilities Tank Maintenance and Repair

storage tanksWe provide refinery tank repair in Colorado and surrounding states on a routine basis and have a depth of knowledge surrounding the proper approach to caring for these tanks. Our crews are familiar with refinery safety procedures and we have adapted our operations within refineries to be more efficient, to meet challenging turnaround schedules.


Fertilizer Manufacture Facilities and Storage Tanks

storage tanksDue to the high volume of corrosive materials manufactured and stored at fertilizer facilities, it’s critical the proper coatings are applied to holding tanks, to protect your investments. We have completed coating projects on the interior and exterior of storage tanks around the country, to help extend the tank life within these facilities and prevent dangerous failures.


Storage Tank Maintenance

storage tank maintenanceConsistent maintenance of your storage tank is the single best way to prevent costly repairs in the future. For example, your tanks will need to be re-lined periodically. This time frame can be extended by proper maintenance of your tanks, allowing them to defend against harsh weather and elements. We furnish you with full sandblasting, painting and other repair services to fill all of your tank’s specific needs.


Oil Field Production Equipment

We work closely with oil companies to provide quick reliable oil tank repair in Colorado. We provide maintenance and repair in the field, as well as hauling to and from your site to complete modifications to equipment and tanks to mitigate most safety concerns on locations. We have completed projects varying in scope and nature, from separator refurbishments to large gas plants.

Regardless of the size of the project, DJC Enterprises, Inc. has the experience to meet all of your expectations. We’re ready to give your tanks the service they need, no matter what industry you’re in. Call us today at 970-356-9722 or 888-900-TANK (8265) for more information about our capabilities.