The Different Types of Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks

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Above-ground storage tanks have a number of advantages against their underground counterparts, including ease of installation and maintenance and overall cost. There are many different types of above-ground water storage tanks in Colorado available to install on your property, and this post will teach you a little bit about each one.

Vertical polyethylene tanks

As the name suggests, these cylindrical tanks stand vertically above the ground and are made of polyethylene material. Since they’re lightweight and made of plastic, these types of tanks can only be used to store water. People use them to store both potable and non-potable water, collect rainwater or hold water for irrigation. Polyethylene tanks are inexpensive to produce, and they’re light enough that they can be moved around when they’re empty.

Fiberglass tanks

Resistant to rust and corrosion, fiberglass tanks are some of the best tanks money can buy. Unlike the polyethylene tanks, fiberglass is sturdy enough to be used to store liquids and materials other than water. If you’re going to store potable water in it, though, you’ll need to have the interior coated with a special resin. Because of the additional investment for the resin, most people opt against storing potable water in fiberglass tanks and instead use them for wastewater or rainwater storage.

Stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel is another one of the above-ground storage tanks in Colorado that can be used for storing other goods than just water. Because it’s safe and sturdy, stainless steel is commonly used in beer breweries, distilleries and wineries. Since the steel is resistant to corrosion, they’re also used for storing liquid fertilizers and sulfuric acid. You won’t have to worry about the steel rusting any time soon, but it’s still a good idea to have stainless steel tanks inspected by a professional.

Bolted steel tanks

A bolted steel tank is made of several steel panels that are bolted together by gaskets to prevent leaks. These tanks can be made of any type of steel, and since they’re so strong, they can be used to hold any liquid. The biggest drawback to these tanks is that they’re very difficult to move once they’re installed. But if you never plan on moving your above-ground water storage tanks in Colorado, bolted steel is a great choice.

Pillow tanks

Also known as a water bladder tank, pillow tanks puff up when filled and look like a pillow. These tanks can be made out of a variety of different materials to store whatever liquid you need. Along with their low cost, the best thing about pillow tanks is how easy they are to move. It only takes one person to set up and move a pillow tank!

Call DJC Enterprises Inc. for your storage tank maintenance

Regardless of which type of above-ground storage tanks in Colorado you have, you need to hire a team to maintain them. Proper storage tank maintenance prolongs your tank’s lifespan, reduces the need for repairs and keeps your water safe. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your above-ground tank maintained, then give us a call today to schedule our services.

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