The Importance of Coating and Sandblasting in Colorado for Storage Tank Maintenance

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Whether you have a storage tank on your property for personal use, utilize tanks for your commercial business or sell industrial storage tanks, you are going to need to practice preventative maintenance to avoid tank related issues. Do it yourself if you have the know-how or hire a professional—just make regular maintenance a habit! Let’s take a look at the importance of coating and sandblasting in Colorado to maintain storage tanks.

Tank Sandblasting

There are many ways to clean and resurface your storage tanks. Which method you or a professional tank maintenance crew chooses depends on the type of tank that needs service and the current state it is in. For example, if the inside of one of your storage tanks is caked with a layer of residue or the exterior is almost completely covered in rust, then the pros may recommend that you invest in a cleaning method that will effectively remove much of the unwanted buildup in one go. That method is sandblasting.

The most common way to sandblast a storage tank is by propelling fine particles—like sand or other abrasive materials—at a high rate of speed and pressure toward the tank’s surface with the intention of cleaning it. Sandblasting is also used to prepare the tank surface for painting or coating. When applied right, sandblasting equipment can strip old paint from the surface of metal or concrete tanks and components.

Choosing sandblasting for residential, commercial or industrial storage tank maintenance is both effective and safe, as well as a valuable investment. When it comes to industrial sandblasting, you can benefit from its ability to degrease, de-scale and improve not only the appearance, but the functionality of the surface recently cleaned. Simply put, this method is a good, quick way to clean tanks and keep them from falling apart.

Tank Coating

Storage tanks are used for holding a variety of materials, including liquid substances like water and oil. Tanks that are built strong, properly cared for and serviced often will last a long time. Unfortunately, filling a storage tank with any type of liquid without first applying a proper surface coating will likely lead to problems; these problems can be damaging to the tank and hazardous to your health.

With storage tanks that hold liquids, you have to be diligent with a maintenance routine. It doesn’t matter if the liquid in the tank is drinkable water, wastewater, oil, a chemical or something else—any liquid has the ability to damage unprotected tanks. Liquids become aggressive toward surfaces, which leads to corrosion, likely starting on the inside of the tank. Corrosion is not good. For one thing, it may contaminate the contents of the tank. It’s also liable to shorten the structure’s life and require much more maintenance than normal. To stave off corrosion from destroying your tanks, you must make sure your tank is coated properly.

If you need storage tank maintenance services, look no further than DJC Enterprises Inc. for quality and professional coating and sandblasting in Colorado!

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