The Many Benefits of Sandblasting Services in Colorado

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Sandblasting is a process used to remove debris, paint, finishes, dirt and other residue from surfaces, typically to prepare it for a new coating or refinishing. It is one of the most reliable methods available for accomplishing this task without having to rely on harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why sandblasting services in Colorado are the way to go if you’re looking at preparing a large surface for refinishing or repainting.

It’s highly effective

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many people rely on sandblasting for their surface preparation jobs is that it is extremely effective. Even using chemicals and solvents will likely not produce the same quality of results as sandblasting a surface.

Sand has a unique combination of abrasiveness and gentleness that makes it ideally suited for this type of work. It is highly effective at tasks such as removing paint from metal or cement, getting oil residue off of concrete surfaces or preparing various other types of surfaces for refinishing.

It provides you with more information about a substrate

Sandblasting doesn’t just prepare a substrate for refinishing—it also reveals crucial information about that substrate that you will want to know about before beginning the refinishing process. It will make it easier for you to spot cracks, dents and other imperfections that may have formed as a result of surface impact, freezing and thawing cycles, growth of tree roots or other shifting and types of damage. You’ll need to fix these imperfections before you paint or finish, and the fact that sandblasting reveals these issues makes it a valuable process to implement.

It’s very environmentally friendly

There are many other types of surface preparation processes that are bad for the environment, particularly if they rely on harsh chemicals or solvents. Sandblasting, however, uses only components that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Sand is all natural and will be harmless to the environment after removing the contaminants that it blasted away. Importantly, it is also non-toxic to all the people working in the space being sandblasted, and to the people directly working with the sandblasting equipment. If you care about the environment (and you should), sandblasting is the way to go.

It’s easy to clean up

The cleanup process after sandblasting is much easier and faster than with other surface preparation methods. The sand will simply fall to the ground after it hits the substrate being prepared, and all you need to do is get it swept or vacuumed up. To clean the surface, you can simply run damp rags over the surface to remove the film that often gets left behind in the sandblasting process.

For more information about the benefits associated with high-quality sandblasting services in Colorado, we encourage you to contact the team at DJC Enterprises Inc. today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have for us, and we look forward to working with you soon.

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