Tips for Preparing Your Storage Tank for Cold Weather

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Winter is the harshest season on our storage tanks, which means that this time of year, the end of fall, is that time of year where we perform our basic tank maintenance routines, shoring our tanks up for the hard months to come. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the simplest things you can do to ensure proper tank maintenance in Colorado this winter, as well as some of the risks associated with neglecting to prepare.

Our goal is to help you resolve to devise a regular maintenance plan for your storage tank, to make sure your tank is well maintained year-round and always ready to withstand the harsh days of winter. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind this winter:

  • Inspect the tank for rust, pits or any places that seem to be corroding excessively, as part of an all over “coating assessment” to see if the tank needs resurfacing and repainting. Also consider having your tank ultrasonically tested for structural soundness.
  • Ensure hatches that should be locked remained locked.
  • Have a system for stopping ice buildup.
  • Make sure your vents and overflow pipe are in working order.
  • Check the foundation around your tank.
  • Devise a plan for the regular maintenance of your storage tank that includes testing surface thickness, as well as surface upkeep and refinishing.

The risks winter poses to your storage tanks

Winter can be a harsh season, and it’s not uncommon to see additional corrosion in your tanks during these months. Where there’s been unseen internal corrosion over the years, it’s surprisingly common for there to be a sudden leak during the winter months.

While this isn’t a problem for oil tanks, in other storage tanks, such as water tanks, it’s not uncommon for animals to sneak their way into the tank and then drown.

We also see an increase in the rate at which sediment builds up in tanks during the winter months, which can be a hassle no matter what you’re storing in your tanks.

We’ve mentioned already the increased likelihood of leaks during winter, but we haven’t mentioned that in winter we also see an increase in leaks caused by cracks in the foundation under and around storage tanks. These cracks often allow the water or fuel being stored to seep down into the ground below it, meaning it takes a little longer in some cases for the leak to be caught. This is why we mentioned before how important it is to check the foundation around your tank.

Secure quality oil tank maintenance in Colorado

Make sure to make keeping the surface of your tank an integral part of your tank maintenance plan. Regularly cleaning, buffing and painting your tank will help prevent deterioration and add years to the life of your tank. If you’re looking for assistance with tank maintenance this winter, we have over 33 years’ experience in tank maintenance, including providing interior and exterior tank coatings. We’re considered among the experts in our field, and we put that expertise to work every single day in our work performing tank maintenance in Colorado. Please call today, whatever your storage or oil tank maintenance needs may be.

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