Tips on Preparing a Proper Base for a Water Storage Tank

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There are numerous good reasons to get a new water storage tank for your operation. Once your tank hits the 15-year mark, it’s due to be replaced. Or perhaps your water needs have increased, and you’re in the market for a replacement water storage tank. After all, you can’t ever have too much water on hand.

If you want to replace your water tank or add a new one to your property, then you’ll inevitably find yourself thinking about the soil and base for your new water storage tank.

Need some tips for prepping your water storage tank base in Colorado? We’ve got you covered.

A level base is essential

One of the most important things to remember when prepping a water storage tank base in Colorado is that its base is on an even surface. Several materials can serve as an adequate base (more on that below), but every one of them needs to be placed on an even surface.

If your water tank is on a surface that is bumpy or lopsided, the pressure applied to the tank itself can result in issues like breakage, leaking and spilling.

Tips for a concrete base

One of the most common types of base for a water tank is simple concrete. Once the hole’s been dug, concrete is easy to lay, and it lasts for years. That said, there are two key factors to keep in mind when using a concrete water storage tank:

  • Use rebar: You might think your concrete is sturdy—and it is—but over time, consistent stress can take its toll on concrete, leaving it cracked and broken. When you add rebar to the equation, however, you can prevent small cracks from turning into considerable chasms in your base.
  • Watch for rocks: Many property owners believe that having a few small pebbles on their concrete base when the tank is being installed isn’t a big deal. However, when your water storage tank is filled, the weight bearing down on those pebbles can cause them to pierce the bottom of your storage tank and lead to leaks.

It’s critical to ensure you follow both of the above steps to get the most from your water storage tank base.

Tips for a sand or dirt base

The crucial thing to consider with a sand or dirt base is drainage. When rainwater seeps into the groundwater, it can wash away the dirt or soil that makes up the base of your water storage tank. By making preparations to allow for proper drainage when rainfall is at its most excessive, you can preserve the integrity of your soil or dirt base.

Need a hand?

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