Top Issues for Water Storage Tank Maintenance in Colorado

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If your responsibilities include water storage tank maintenance in Colorado, it’s essential to know what should top your list. To properly maintain water storage tanks, two issues are key. Staying on top of these maintenance issues will keep your tank functioning optimally and avoid further maintenance and repair issues.

What are these two key maintenance points? Inspection and circulation. If you keep a close eye on these items, you will experience quality tank maintenance in Colorado.


Is your water storage tank inspected regularly? It should be. You should ask an industry professional to inspect your water storage tank on a regular basis. How often should this occur? That partly depends on the area and water tank use, but a good rule of thumb is once each year. Additionally, every three years, the inspection should include a washout. If your area is prone to sediment problems, then schedule a washout with your inspection every year.

If you ever need tank repair, you should have a thorough inspection done at that time as well. A qualified inspector should perform a detailed inspection before any repairs are made. This will reveal any issues that should be taken care of during the repairs, and alert you to any potential problems for future maintenance concerns.

To complete these inspections, you have two options. A dry inspection involves removing all water from the tank. Then, an inspector enters the tank to complete the internal inspection. The second option is to use an ROV (remote operated vehicle). With this method, a qualified inspector operates the ROV to view the structure. Once either the dry or ROV inspection is complete, the inspector will write a detailed report concerning the structure, safety and condition of the tank, including images. These should be kept on file for future reference.


Proper circulation is the second top concern for tank maintenance in Colorado. It is necessary to maintain healthy water. Good circulation prevents water stratification. It also prevents freezing.

To maintain proper circulation, you must ensure mixing occurs when water is added to the tank. If the water does not circulate, then the liquid at the top of the tank becomes stagnant. Additionally, the chlorine in the stagnant water may deplete, which results in microbial growth, poor taste and odors.

To encourage circulation, extend the inlet so that it reaches the middle of the capacity level. With this properly placed, the water mixes when you add water to the tank. Otherwise, mechanical equipment inside the tank is necessary to ensure good circulation.

Extend Your Tank’s Longevity

Proper tank maintenance in Colorado will extend the life of your tank and keep operations smooth. For the professional support you need to maintain your tank, contact the experts at DJC Enterprises Inc. Our experience in exterior and interior tank coatings and painting marks us as one of the leading companies in the service field. Our services are designed to control corrosion, eliminating the need for costly steel replacement while meeting regulatory and safety requirements. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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