Using Abrasive Blasting Before Coating a Surface

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Abrasive blasting is a process in which different types of materials are used to remove rust, corrosion, contaminants, paint and various imperfections from a surface, preparing it to be coated anew with paint. The process results in a clean substrate, as well as a substrate that will better take the protective coating to be placed over it.

Rather than using a much more exhausting and labor-intensive process such as sanding or wire brushing, you can use abrasive blasting and get the job done in a fraction of the time. In some cases, it can speed up the surface preparation process by as much as 75 percent.

Some examples of abrasive blasting methods used prior to tank coating in Colorado include:

  • Bead blasting: Using glass beads to remove imperfections from the surface, especially for cleaning fungus and removing paint and calcium deposits.
  • Bristle blasting: Using high-carbon rotary brushes rather than a blast medium to prepare the surface and make it coarse before coating.
  • Wet abrasive blasting: The use of hot or cold water to remove grease, hazardous materials and dust from a surface. You can add detergent into the water to clean the surface even more thoroughly.
  • Hydro blasting: Also referred to as water blasting, this process involves the use of high-pressure water to strip paint, debris and chemicals from a surface.
  • Wheel blasting: This is a type of airless blasting technique that uses centrifugal forces to spin and shoot abrasives at a surface without needing a propellant.
  • Dry ice blasting: This technique uses a combination of air and dry ice to remove imperfections from a surface while also decontaminating it. The dry ice sublimates, which results in minimal cleanup.
  • Micro-abrasive blasting: Also referred to as pencil blasting, this technique uses a small nozzle to shoot a very fine stream of abrasive media toward a highly targeted area. It’s ideal for very detailed work.

The benefits of abrasive blasting

So why exactly is abrasive blasting such a beneficial process for surface preparation? First, it can help you save quite a bit of money. Considering how much more efficiently it can be completed, it will cut down on a lot of labor costs you’d otherwise be paying for sanding or brushing. Because many of the types of media are reusable, you’re also able to benefit from the savings (and environmental friendliness) that comes with recycling for further use.

Abrasive blasting is also simply a highly effective method. It’s great for removing rust on metal surfaces, which can be quite tricky with other types of methods. It prepares surfaces for coating applications much more effectively as well, especially if you’re able to keep the temperature and humidity in the area well under control.

For more information about abrasive blasting, its benefits and the various methods you have available to you, we encourage you to contact your source for tank sandblasting in Colorado. Reach out to DJC Enterprises Inc. today—we’ll be happy to work with you and answer any questions you have about our services!

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