What to Know About Storage Tank Sandblasting Services

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Industrial sites in Colorado should know more about sandblasting services. Removing a thick coat of rust from your storage tanks and equipment offers benefits that may not be immediately apparent. If you are prone to questioning why your storage tank needs a good sandblasting treatment, keep reading. There are aesthetic and structural reasons why you should order sandblasting service in Colorado today.

The beauty of it all

Urban sprawl brings residential neighborhoods closer to industrial sites, including oil refineries. This leads to people often complaining about conditions like noise and odors. However, while there are some things you cannot control, there are a few efforts that can make you a better neighbor to these suburban dwellers.

Sandblasting improves the appearance of storage tanks. Rather than seeing a rusty eyesore, your residential neighbors see a clean and functional tank that is not a blight in the area. Residential property owners are concerned about their property values, and rusted tanks make areas look dangerous. Cleaning off the rust and presenting a better appearance helps you coexist better.

Our gallery shows the vast improvements we have made for other facilities. Storage tanks are the most visible feature on your site. You might as well help them look their best.

Preserving quality

Your storage tanks go through abuse, and you will not always see it. If you allow the rust to build up, you may not notice any damage until there is a breach in the tank. At that point, the only solution is to replace the tank and risk letting the new one rust away as well. These costs can add up if you continue neglecting your tanks.

Corrosion speed depends on what the tank stores and the geographic features surrounding the tanks. Oil and saltwater will eat a tank alive, but so will rain, sand and erosion. Even in dry climates, windstorms will wreak havoc on tanks and equipment. Never think a dry summer wards off corrosion entirely.

Sandblasters work on tanks that range from six to 20 years old. If corrosion remains at the surface, the tank can be sandblasted and damage isolated and repaired. However, if the corrosion is starting to create holes and breach the major structure, it may be time for a new tank. Luckily, smaller breaches could be patched up if they are found early enough. This is an investment that adds life to your equipment either by removing corrosive elements or helping you find and repair damage before it is too late.

Sandblasting services are an excellent investment for your industrial property. The number of repeat customers makes it clear that many refineries and shop facilities see the benefits of keeping tanks clean and well maintained. You can take the same steps to present well for the neighbors and ensure tank replacement is a rarity rather than a routine.

DJC Enterprises Inc. is a family owned business that offers sandblasting services throughout Colorado. Call us today and we will help you clean up your storage tanks.

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