Why It’s Important to Inspect Your Storage Tank in Colorado

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Industrial areas all over the world rely on storage tanks to hold everything from regular household water to caustic chemicals. All too often, when a factory or property is sold or left to sit, the storage tanks are the last thing most people think about. However, because of the work they are made to do, they must be kept in good working order and not left to fall into disrepair.

Regular inspections and having proper tank coating in Colorado are essential to making sure that a storage tank is safe to use. Imagine filling a tank with valuable chemicals only to have it fail because of a rusted patch. Not only would this be an environmental concern, it would also become a financial concern, and potentially a safety issue as well.

No matter what you use your storage tanks for, cleaning and maintaining them is a crucial part of ownership. Here’s why it’s important to hire a professional to inspect your storage tank in Colorado.

Check for signs of damage

It should go without saying that anyone looking to use a storage container wants to know whether or not it is safe to do so. In an industrial area, all sorts of damage can occur to storage tanks, like being hit or punctured with heavy machinery or falling prey to rust. Whatever the case may be, any signs of damage will probably be visible to a person trained to look for it. Before you use a storage tank, especially an older one, have a professional inspection performed. You may find out it needs crucial services to restore it to usable condition, such as a good thorough sandblasting in Colorado.

Discover structural stresses

Like any structure, storage tanks are subject to stresses, whether they are from the environment or things like a sagging foundation. These issues may be difficult for the untrained eye to identify. If left unchecked, a problem like a sagging foundation could lead to a complete structural failure and the loss of whatever you are storing. This would not only be costly from an environmental perspective if you are storing chemicals, but also from a business perspective. If caught early enough, a structural issue can normally be addressed for much lower cost.

Look for environmental stresses

Depending on your facility’s location, you may consider having regular storage tank inspection done. Salty coastal air is much more damaging to metals than inland air. If your facility is along a coastline or near a port, your metal storage tanks are under constant attack by the elements. If not addressed through regular painting and maintenance, rust and rot will eventually compromise the integrity of your tanks. Be sure to take this into account when considering whether to schedule an inspection. You will be glad you did!

Whether it’s time for a professional storage tank inspection, tank painting or tank sandblasting in Colorado, you can count on the skilled team at DJC Enterprises Inc. to get the job done right. Give us a call for more information or to schedule storage tank service today!

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