Why Stainless Steel Is the Best for Wine Tanks

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Getting the right flavor in your wine and keeping it consistent is crucial to your winery’s success. Traditionally, wine has been aged in oak barrels to infuse it with additional flavor, but stainless steel has been dominating the industry for decades. Not only is it flavor-neutral, but it’s also superior in terms of longevity, temperature and humidity control. You’ll have more control over the final product, which ensures consistency across the board.

Here’s why stainless steel is the superior choice for your wine storage tanks in Colorado:

  • Superior longevity: Oak barrels typically last about three to five years. The acidity of the wine eats away at the interior over time, while the oak flavor is leached out during the aging process. It’s no wonder that winemakers have turned to stainless steel wine storage—it lasts for decades.
  • Sustainable: Stainless steel (and steel in general) is an easily-recycled, sustainable material. Most of the steel you purchase is already recycled, making your choice a lot easier on the planet than constantly replacing oak barrels every few years.
  • Cost effective: Because you won’t have to replace stainless steel wine tanks as often, they are significantly cheaper in the long term. You might pay more for your initial investment, but since they last for decades, you’ll save money over time.
  • Flavor neutral: Oak barrels are a great choice if you want your wine to take on oaky characteristics—but if you don’t, stainless steel is the superior choice. You’ll be able to bring out the true flavor of the grapes.
  • Easier to clean: Oak barrels are difficult to clean, since they’re wooden. In contrast, stainless steel wine storage has a smooth surface that’s easy to scrub in between batches. This reduces the residue left behind from the previous wine, ensuring you have a truly pure wine. Easy cleaning also helps you control the amount of foreign substances that make their way into the wine, unlike with porous oak barrels.
  • Variety of sizes and options: Stainless steel wine storage can be made in just about any size and capacity you need, whereas oak barrels are limited by the availability, quality and quantity of natural oak wood.
  • Better temperature and humidity control: Finally, working with stainless steel wine tanks affords you much better temperature and humidity control. As you know, wine has to be fermented and aged at specific temperatures, which requires constant monitoring. When you work with oak, the ambient temperature can drastically affect the final product. It’s also easier for humidity to damage the wine. If mold gets in, the whole batch is ruined. Ultimately, opting for stainless steel helps you save money on compromised wine as well as constantly having to purchase new oak barrels.

Your winery needs storage tanks it can rely upon. That’s why more and more winemakers are pivoting to stainless steel wine storage tanks in Colorado.

For storage tank maintenance, sandblasting and painting services, call the team at DJC Enterprises Inc. today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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