Why Tank Sandblasting in Colorado Is Your Best Option

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Large storage tanks aren’t just for big companies to store their products in. In fact, most anyone can utilize them—they’re commonly seen in commercial, industrial and residential contexts. If you are a storage tank owner, then you may need sandblasting services at some point to bring the container back to ideal conditions or in preparation for a new paint job. For this, you’ll want to hire a company that knows what they are doing and is ready with the right equipment.

But first, here’s some information to help you understand why tank sandblasting in Colorado is one of the best options for maintaining the interiors and exteriors of storage tanks.

Why companies use sandblasting

Whether your tanks are being used to hold water or volatile materials like fuel, oil or fertilizer, the need for proper tank maintenance is crucial. A solid internal tank coating is important, especially when it comes to storing fuel and oil. This is because these materials are lighter than water, and water in these tanks with oil will sink to the bottom, which can become corrosive. Often, the insides of storage tanks are coated not only on the bottom, but up the walls a few feet as well. Your tank may also need to be sandblasted smooth on the outside prior to repainting.

Your tank will be out of commission as long as it takes to prepare the surface for tank floor recoating. Hire someone experienced to perform tank sandblasting to avoid having to redo it!

Blasting abrasives are ideal for storage tanks

There are all sorts of blasting abrasives that are ideal for sandblasting storage tanks. Some of the most common types of abrasive materials used include coal slag, copper slag and GMA garnet. Which abrasive is used will depend on the preference of the company you hire and your particular project. What makes blasting abrasives popular is their ability to result in a cleaner, more consistent finish.

Some areas in tanks have heavy corrosion

Those in the business of storage tank sandblasting, as well as many tank owners, are aware of the heaviest corrosion areas on a tank. These are the areas to keep an eye on. Corrosion is an issue due to the moisture in the stored fuel or oil, which can contain elements that are very corrosive to steel. It’s not unusual for some tank floors—particularly tanks holding materials like crude oil—to rapidly deteriorate without frequent blasting. Another frequent area of corrosion is the underside of the tank’s roof, where condensation buildup is an issue.

Reduces the cost of corrosion control

Fuel and oil are not cheap materials, so proper storage is crucial. Since taking the tank out of service for repairs is costly, make sure to invest in regular tank maintenance, including service, cleaning and inspections. A high quality tank coating can minimize maintenance needs, but first you need blasting services to ensure good surface preparation.

For quality services for storage tank sandblasting in Colorado, look no further than DJC Enterprises Inc. Our team of blasting experts is ready to get your tank surfaces prepped for finishing. Contact us today!

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